Biocol Labs - The Post-Chemical Pharmacy

The trends of health and wellness are rising, and it's easy to get lost while searching for natural, plant-based supplements. One that we at opia are glancing at and have just recently stocked is Biocol Labs.

Founded in 1977 in Lisbon, Portugal, husband Gualdim and wife Natalia Redol started their mission named Biocol Labs: offering a 100% natural alternative to medical pharmacy in that chemicals are used. A deeper look on their website provides the customer with important know-how about the differences between homeopathy, herbal or pharmaceutical medicine. Biocol Labs mentions that doctors started using their supplements to complement medical treatments.


Something for the Cactus Throat (soon in store)

Most of Biocol Labs products are proven to be free of GMO, refined sugar, lactose and gluten. The "something for a cactus throat" contains refreshing and soothing ingredients like propolis, peppermint and Icelandic moss.


Something for Bloated Tumbs

Only ingredients sourced from Spain, France or Germany find their way into the pocket sized doses of plant-based supplement. "Something for the bloated tums" is a combination of probiotics, ginger and chloride, fennel and green anis. The final product is manufactured in Portugal, always regulated by the Food Safety authorities and National Authority for Medicament and Health Products. 


Something for the power woman

Moreover, you can have different products from Biocol Labs delivered together in one kit. Whether as a gift for your loved ones or for yourself, discover the super food supplements stocked at opia.

See you soon in store,

your opia team!