A Cozy Day At Home With Opia

If to call one thing, reminding us that winter sceneries aren't only nice to watch, then it's the slight feeling of haven't well prepared at home for those heavy winter days. Especially if a mix of rain and snow already hits the street right in front of the door. To prevent this kind of situation we present you our personal selection for a cozy day at home and share our favorite tea-recipe with you!
Scented Candle By Earl of East 
Fragrance is a significant aspect of ambience. So when it's stormy and wintery outside, the Earl of East candles help you to create a scented atmosphere inside, from the morning on.
Le Chose Soap - Made in Switzerland
La Chose provides you with a functional bathroom item. Maybe it is not what one would expect to be an essential, but once it's part of your home, it might be the detail you don't want to miss anymore; Attache the stainless steel podestal onto your favorite soap bar and elevate your daily routines.
Tipi Raku Ceramic Plates - For A Portion Of Winter Snacks
The ceramic plates from Zurich based pottery studio Tipi Raku are made with a century-old Japanese method "Raku". Unique plates are created and come in the perfect size for a portion of pre-lunch snacks.
Natural Yoga Mat Spray & After Shower Body Oil

After snack and pre-lunch. Just the right time to integrate a little workout, especially during a stay home. opia suggests the Saint Charles yoga mat spray to clean your tools right after airing the room, then the essential oils additionaly unfold. A refreshing shower and some drops of the body oil from Costa Brazil and not only the yoga tool, but our body gets some extra treatment too. 

Goodlife Ceramic Cups - Accompanied By opias Favorite Tea Recipe
Now fresh air and scents fulfill the room. Simultaneously the cold temperature from outside sneacked in. Our recommendation: Fill up a cup with hot homemade tea and enjoy! We provide you with an easy-to-make recipe and just recently stocked this beautiful handmade ceramic cups from Goodlife to serve it. Pottery artist Ursula Vogel is known in Zurichs gastronomy - like Maison Manesse and Kunsthaus Bar - for her delicate pottery. 
50g Ginger | 1 fresh organic lime | 1/2L Water | Honey
Cut 50g of fresh ginger into thinly sliced sticks or use a ginger grater. 
Take one organic lime and cut the peel off - the less white on the peel, the better.
Pour 1/2 Liter of water into a pot and bring to boil.
Then add the fresh ginger and let it simmer for 5 minutes.
Turn off the heat, add the lime peels and let all together soak for about 20 minutes. Prevent the aroma and heat from faiding by putting on a lid.
In a final step, pour yourself a freshly brewed, homemade cup of ginger tea. And optionally add lime juice and honey, measured to your personal preference.
      The Shinto Towel Becomes A Soft Blanket
      The collaboration of onoda and Bienvenue Studio merges japanese craftmanship with swiss design. The Shinto towel is made with shuttle loom machines from the late 1800s, which are passed from generation to generation. A fine fabric that can be used as super soft blanket during the day: take a seat, lean into the couch and cover yourself in colors like cloud grey, ocean blue or pearl white.
      Shinto Towel Onoda x Bienvenue Studio Available At Opia Online Store
      Art, But Different.

      A bit of art in the afternoon is what you fancy? An artwork of Swiss artist Walter Pfeiffer, who is internationally known for his work published in various magazines as well as i-D and Vogue, is printed onto 1000 pieces that are meant to be put together - Moirée's puzzles combines art and playfulness for meditative and analog moments of leisure.

      Walter Pfeiffer Puzzle Limited Edition Available At Opia Online Store
      THE COCKTAIL Mixed From Bartenders In Zurich
      What a playful afternoon, the puzzle is done! And invited loved ones arrive for a typical Aperó. Perfect timing to prepair a glass of tasty Espresso Martini. Nothing more than a glass and ice cubes to serve this drink easily is needed. THE COCKTAIL was founded by Jessica Kollar and Kaspar Fenkart in Zurich, where they have gathered experiences in well-known bars like Kronenhalle and the vibrant Central bar.
      Espresso Martini theCocktail mixed in Zurich available at opia online store
      your opia team!