Studio Dévé Jewelry

Studio Dévé embodies a unqiue blend between modernity & nature and is the newest of jewelry brands that we are showcasing at Opia.

“Rhythm denotes the repetition of visual elements such as line, shape and colour within space. A fundamental principle of design, rhythm is essential for creating energy, movement and emotion.” That’s what Studio Dévé’s first collection is all about and thus is inspired by the ethos of artists and designers from the avant-garde fraction, which shifted their attention towards organic forms and rythms that can be found in nature.

The Studio has captured the awareness of fashion enthusiasts; Signature pieces are crafted from sterling silver and gold vermeil. From the sleek ridged designs inspired by Modernist aesthetics to delicate and organic pieces reminiscent of nature, Studio Dévé offers a range of jewelry that appeals international customers and publications like Vogue and RUSHHH.

Not just stunning designs set Dévé apart, but also their dedication to sustainability. The brand is actively pursuing B-Corp certification with its commitment to ethical practices paving the way for a more conscious approach to jewelry design.

Studio Dévé Estelle Dévé Jewelry

Based in London, the creative force behind these collections is Estelle Dévé. With a wealth of experience designing for renowned British brands, Estelle brings her expertise and vision to her own jewelry line. Her distinct style and attention to detail shine through in every piece, making Studio Dévé a go-to brand for those seeking unique and timeless jewelry.

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