Islas Resonantes an immersive solo cello live show by Yu Lin Humm

Islas Resonantes is Yu Lin Humm's debut solo cello album.

The music was composed during a travel that Yu Lin took in 2019 along the Orinoco River, the natural border between Colombia and Venezuela. Back in Portugal, Yu Lin performed Islas Resonantes for the first time live at Galeria Zé de Bois, before Sarah Davachi’s set. In February 2022, Yu Lin recorded the album in a metal tank with a round 200sqm. amplitude that allowed 28 seconds of reverb. In 2023, Yu Lin composed and arranged the album for 3 cellos, adding two voices to the original compositions and a final bonus track with cello and singing.
This Summer 2023 - Yu Lin produced the vinyl and the underwater music video to release the two album editions in November 2023 with a tour in Europe.

We are delighted to host the launch of the vinyl at Opia featuring a live solo concert in store

Saturday 18th November 7pm

*entrance is donation based, donate here.


About Yu Lin Humm

Yu Lin Humm is a composer, musician and visual artist born and raised in Milan, Italy. At the age of five she started classical music, theatre and dance studies. She then worked as a photographer and DOP since eighteen years old, while pursuing a career as a musician.
Yu Lin composed soundtracks for theatre and short films. She performed live at GaleriaZDB, Lisbon, Art Basel, Studio Venezia by Xavier Veilhan, in Paris, MONOM in Berlin, collaborated with Damien Rice, Sofia Perez Cruz, Joel Shearer, Gaspar Claus, Julian Hereros, Caspar Claus among other artists and released over 10 albums on Creative Sources records.
In 2014 Yu Lin moved to New York City where she developed her improvisation and iazz technique with Erik Friedlander.
The music she composed and recorded with Núcleo Audio for the Motelx 2020 trailer, received a gold award by the Art Director's Club Europe and a silver award by the Creative Club Portugal. Islas Resonantes is her debut solo album, currently on tour.
Along music and photography, her work is currentlv focused on creating immersive experiences merging music, science and visual arts to open the senses to the natural world.