Reto Andri Objekte x Opia

Reto Andri, a curator, dealer, and interior stylist, has been collecting and selling design classics for over 20 years. His Swiss showroom showcases rare and exceptional pieces. Above all, Reto focuses on exploring and internationally examining contemporary design history, materialization, and technology. Through his passion, he brings together design enthusiasts, globally renowned designers, and their unique designs in Untersiggenthal, located in the canton of Aargau.

EXXO Lounge Chair - Stainless Steel


Thus, prize-winning furniture by Swedish designer Davic Ericsson is currently on display at Opia. His pieces are defined by materials such as stainless steel and accentuate the room with their yellow-metallic color contrast. A comfortable chair or table which echoe the zeitgeist through accuracy and David's talent to balance comfort vs. excitement.

David Ericsson
Designer of the year 2022 by Residence Magazine Sweden
 Zola Chair - A modern and comfortable café chair in spring steel