Perfumer H

Sculpting Scents: The Visionary World of Perfumer H and Lyn Harris

Lyn Harris is a classically trained British perfumer who learned her craft in Paris and Grasse before founding Perfumer H in 2015, a brand embodying her unique style. Lyn's passion is crafting fragrances that resonate with life and showcase her personal touch. With an unwavering commitment to bringing naturals back into perfumery, Lyn Harris has redefined the olfactory landscape.


Perfumer H's laboratory and shop in Marylebone, London, allow you to witness the art of perfumery firsthand. Collaborating with some of the leading creatives in their field, the glassblower, the graphic designer and the architect, has led to the creation of this visionary and original brand.


We are happy to be able to offer you a selection of Perfumer H's scents for body and home.
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