This year again, we had the pleasure to host aspiring and dedicated brands as well as got to know the people behind. And still, heading towards end of 2022 there are new friends of ours we like to introduce you to and share where to meet them:


Fragrances by Artists – Scents for the Winter Solstice gallery Zollikon exhibition

On the 17th December from 12.00 - 17.00 the opening of an exhibition for the olfactory senses takes place: A selection of exceptional fragrances is curated under the theme of winter solstice, which marks the still point of the sun. With the fading daylight, it’s a time when our 'visuocentric' perception is directed towards other senses. 

Our friend and gallery owner Lorenzo Bernet explains that most scents on view are created by people working between the fields of olfaction and arts like master perfumers, independent fragrance makers, or experimental practitioners. The perfumes are presented in flacons coming from small artisanal manufacture, established haute parfumerie or limited editions of perfume art until the 24th of December. And for those who like to take one of these exclusive scents home, most of the collection will be curated for private purchase at the gallery at Zollikerstrasse, Zürich Riesbach.

See you there or soon at Opia!