Tipi Raku

Located in Schlieren, on the outskirts of Zurich, our dear friend Barbara Postiasi dedicates her profession to Raku pottery, a Japanese low fire process. Under the name of her label "Tipi Raku" she crafts ceramic objects: The pieces are fired on 1000 °C and get removed from the kiln when they are still on high temperature. Afterward, she places them into a material that burns easily and which leaves its mark on the ceramic itself. With this technique, every piece is unpredictable in pattern and thus equally unique.


Raku Ceramic | Images by Florian Kalotay


Barbara Postiasi | Image by Florian Kalotay

Barbara had a close relationship to nature from her childhood on, before she moved to vibrant cities like Vienna and Zurich. After years of living in those cities, she started to search for a kind of re-engagement with nature through the practice of pottery. During workshops, she developed her skills and later on got fascinated by the ancient Raku technique.

Combined with her very own signature aesthetic, her handmade work is exhibited until the 24.12.22 at "Westflügel" a book store located in Zurich. And if you like to get your very own piece of Tipi Raku, visit us in store at Lagerstrasse 72, 8004 Zurich.

See you soon at Opia!