Zellweger Warmwear

During the December month our friends from Berlin are at Opia for you: At the core of Zellweger Warmwear, innovation, nature and design are combined. Coming from within the fashion industry such as from the side of PR and styling, Kiki Albrecht, Peter Klotz and Tim Tobias Zimmermann have founded the label recently to provide high-quality warming products that are fashion and interior accessories at the same time. Thus, a large and soft scarf serves simultaneously as a cozy blanket to enhance your home.


The Scarf 200x45cm & The Blanket 130x180cm

Zellweger Warmwear Scarve LookbookZellweger Warmwear Scarve Lookbook

To create accessories that are softer than similar organic cotton products, the trio has worked intensively on a new production process: The yarn is woven extra tightly and the material is roughened. This ensures that each piece feels smoother and becomes even softer over time.


The Mini in 60x60cm

Zellweger Warmwear Scarve Lookbook

The mini scarf evolved through Zellweger's approach of producing as few leftovers as possible. But to meet the full standard of the founders, it was important to launch a product that is 100% natural and plant-based. And so, the team uses even fully plant-based labels from a production in Italy. 

 Zellweger Warmwear Scarve Lookbook

Credit Images: Anna Daki

Have you already noticed this beautiful details - the stitches are consciously contrasting with the scarves main color. If you like to experience Zellweger Warmwear live and visit us until 31.12.22 or find your favorite piece in our online store

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