Comoli - The Space Between The Notes

In the sea of willfully obscure, minimalist Japanese fashion labels, one of the most prominent is Comoli. Founded in 2011 by Keijiro Komori, the brand has garnered a strong cult following through its creation of garments inspired by traditional western apparel with a Japanese eye for detail. Without any frills like social media or advertising, Comoli’s clothes have to carry the weight of the brand and speak for themselves.  



The confidence of this is clear in the fabrics, construction, and details of every piece. Relaxed cuts that elegantly drape around the body. Luxurious bespoke fabrics made from crisp cottons and soft linens. The sorts of garments that can hold up to daily wear with their quality construction and minimalist design, but still manage to contain a certain beauty to those with a discerning eye.


According to the designer, one of the most important aspects of the design is “the feeling of air between the person wearing the clothes and the clothing itself”. The Japanese concept of 間, or “Ma”, is the idea that negative space plays as important of a role as what is actually there. This appreciation for negative space in time, physicality, and experience can be felt all throughout Japanese culture, and Comoli is a perfect encapsulation of this concept. The clothes themselves are loose and relaxed, giving space between them and the wearer. They are crafted slowly by deft hands, the patience and deliberateness paying off in lovingly-crafted clothes. This focus on what is not there allows every detail that is there, from the buttonholes to the silhouettes, to make that much more of an impact. The comfort and quality present with each garment, along with the precision and detail, has led Comoli to become one of the most highly renowned labels in the field of minimalist, workwear-inspired Japanese brands.