Sono SS23

Founded by Stephanie Oberg and Simon Homes, Sono is a collaborative project that is immensely dedicated to sustainability. Their holistic consideration of sustainability gives way to garments that are modest, authentic, and natural.

For Spring/Summer 2023, Sono offers bright, lightweight pieces that exude the character Sono is known for. Primarily using GOTS certified cotton woven by a small family business in Veneto, suplimented with pieces in sustainably-produced lyocell made in Austria from a renewable wood source, the playful garments come in bright yellow and blue/white stripe.

Simple, genderless shapes and earthy textures keep the collection wearable and casual but created with a deft touch that reveals the luxury and craft present once worn. Standout pieces include the Dakota dress and Pal patchwork scarf, created with prints of watercolor paint, creating a soft and rustic look filled with personality.