Boboutic Studio Visit

Right on the edge of the dense, tourist-heavy center of Florence, Italy, lies an otherwise unassuming building housing the knitwear brand Boboutic. Founded in 2000 by knitwear designer Michel Bergamo and architect/photographer Cristina Zamagni, 2012 Niccolò Magrelli joined the team and plays a major role in the design. In the 20-some-odd years since – Boboutic has gained a strong cult following. Known for their high-quality knits and dedication to sustainability, Boboutic has managed to be stocked in a variety of well-respected boutiques all over the world while remaining a small, intimate production. Working with family-run mills in the countryside of Tuscany and Puglia, and finishing garments by hand in their studio, their products are imbued with a humanistic touch.

In a region known for its rich history of clothing and textile production, Boboutic pulls from this past while aiming to push forward and innovate with unique production techniques. Emphasizing sustainability, Boboutic work with as few seams as possible in order to reduce waste. Preserving the selvedge of the fabric gives pieces a unique character while staying efficient. This gives their garments a comfortable, natural shape and feel, while also minimizing the amount of excess fabric.

With the team being inspired by a variety of different artistic disciplines, Boboutic has a unique perspective that makes them feel out of step what is expected from a fashion label. Working in a way that is intentionally slow, highlighting textiles rather than an overall aesthetic or storytelling, gives the team space to focus on the core of their brand: the clothes themselves.


Avoiding any trends or seasonal frivolities, Boboutic’s aesthetic can be summed up as natural, grounded, and authentic. Wrinkly, worn-in linens, raw and untreated yarns, and loose, relaxed knits give their clothes a lived-in feeling, drawing the audience’s eyes towards the subtle and quiet beauty of every piece.

Innovative knitting techniques create unique and unexpected shapes, textures, and sensations in Boboutic’s work. A variety of gauges, tensions, and yarns are utilized in a way not dissimilar to avant-garde works in music or film, taking the existing vocabulary of the medium and putting it together in new and surprising ways.

The new collection is available online and in store.