Seya SS23 - Bosporous

Every season, Seya travels to different regions of the world to gain inspiration for their collections. For Spring/Sumer 2023, Seya traveled to the Bosporous Strait - a strait in Istanbul used for travel and trade. Being the westernmost city in Asia and easternmost city in Europe, Istanbul has a unique mix of cultures.

Seya visited Bosporous to see how Asia and Europe blend together, which is reflective of their typical design ethos. This is visible in the collection itself. Their new color for the season is Anatolian Blue, the name of which is derived from the Turkish genre blending traditional Turkish folk music with blues.

Iterating upon the brand's existing design language with pieces like the Door Jacket or the Eminonu Dress in lighweight, ultrafine wool convey the atmosphere and attitude of their inspirations.

Items like the Raffia Bag and the Vintage Nomad Belts bring a wider array of diverse cultures to the table. The bag is crafted from raffia, a material derived from palm trees in Madagascar. The Nomad Belts are made from fabric that was taken from the tents of nomads across Asia, creating a very literal and historical interpretation of Seya's philosophy.