Boboutic Spring/Summer '23

With a heavy emphasis on textiles, Boboutic’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection features a variety of incredibly lightweight knit and woven garments that all have unique texture and character. Take, for example, their shell line. Woven in a delicate blend of silk, linen, and cashmere, this fabric creates a pattern in its texture reminiscent of seaside critters. The twisted and wrinkled presentation of the fabric allows for a relaxed yet distinctive look that retains the memory of every crease and fold. The worn-in look and shape makes the pieces feel like they have lived a whole life beyond the wearer, allowing you to continue their story.

On the other end of the spectrum, their abbraccio fabric is made of incredibly soft and light wool perfect for everyday wear. In simple shapes and a variety of colors, the wearer can bring their own personality to pieces like the v-neck sweater vest, or the ribbed knit cardigan.

Their (Dis)ordine pieces take silk waste and creates a sack-like fabric from it, giving a luxurious feeling to otherwise unassuming garments. The highlight of a single contrasting thread along the side of their jackets signals the attention to detail prevalent in every piece.

Overall, the luxuriousness and beauty of the clothes feels understated, never drawing attention to itself. Deep navys, greens, and browns, with tasteful additions of pink and turquoise, give the whole collection a very grounded, natural feel.