Time to celebrate 20 Years Electronic Beats

2021 marks the 20 year anniversary of Telekom Electronic Beats. In celebration of this achievement comes the launch of the limited 304-page, titular book exploring the intersections of electronic music, media, and culture.

The book includes features and essays on:

the women pioneers of electronic music, the role of brands and music in a post-label era, the development of music in games, virtual escapism during the uncertain year of 2020 and more topics and interviews. 

Also included, contributions of key figures within the EB universe such as Honey Dijon, Billie Eilish, Bryan Ferry, Ellen Allien, Daniel Wang, Lars Eidinger, Ji-Hun Kim, Whitney Wei, Max Dax, Marie Staggat, Sven von Thülen, Lisa Blanning, Jan Wehn, Jens Balzer, Gunseli Yalcinkaya, Laura Aha, Thomas Venker, Derek Opperman, Aida Baghernejad, Dixon, Transmoderna, Jens-Gerrit Papenburg, Anika Meier, Tim Bruening, Caroline Whiteley, Serhat Işık, Benjamin Alexander Huseby and many more. Featuring texts, exclusive photo galleries and drawings by the artist Stefan Marx, who also designed the Electronic Beats cover.

The limited edition book will be officially available online 15th of March and in store a few days later. 

Electronic Beats Honey Dijon