Alp cheese raclette and delicacies market

Saturday 4th December and Sunday 5th December
We will have a small outdoor market in front of the store with Raclette from Alp-cheese – the only cheese to be labeled Alp cheese is the cheese that is made during the summer time at the alp itself, in our case this is from Alp Russein at the foot of the Piz Tödi. The fine herbs the cows munch on the entire summer result in a creamy and aromatic cheese.
Our family part from Grison will be selling the traditional "petta da pèra" pear bread, nutcake, jams and pickles, dry venison sausage and more delicacies that make superb gifts or just to be enjoyed during the Holiday.

alp Russein

All food sold is for take away, there are no seating possibilities.