Bienvenue Studios

Mountain Treasures N° 4 Print

CHF 69

It took nature millions of years to turn these stones into what they are today: genuine pieces of art. The hot liquid magma from the earth’s core is a large primordial mass of minerals. The atoms combine under enormous pressure when the magma rises to the surface. This process creates stones and crystals of fascinating structure and color.

Gemstones are a symbol of immortality, and their perfection makes them precious. “Mountain Treasures” celebrates these objects’ infinite variety of shapes. The forms and colors reveal new and surprising aspects, over and over. With “Mountain Treasures”, we showcase those extraordinary stones – a unique eye-catcher with high magnetism.

  • A3, 297 × 420 mm
  • Natural paper, 200 g/m²
  • FSC and «cradle to cradle» certified
  • Risograph Print, Drucksalon Zurich, Switzerland
  • Edition: 200
  • Concept & Design: Bienvenue Studios

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