Rier - Tyrolean Beauty

Founded in 2019 by Andreas Steiner, Rier is a label inspired by his childhood in the mountains of South Tyrol. Pulling from his design experience at Prada, Miu Miu, and Louis Vuitton, Steiner creates garments that give a luxury take on his outdoorsy heritage. Earth tones and durable, fitted garments are featured in every collection, striking a balance between luxury and practicality.


By grounding his label in his own history, even the most elegant pieces in silk or velvet maintain a functional edge, combining the beauty and craftsmanship inherent to Italian production, but with the rural sensibilities of South Tyrol. Working in fabrics like Loden wool, a fabric created by Austrian farmers for surviving harsh Austrian winters, or collaborating with shoemaker Ludwig Reiter on rainboots, imbue Rier’s collections with feelings of anemoia, providing a direct link between modernity and tradition. Steiner’s work has garnered much acclaim considering the short period of time the label has been around, being a semifinalist for the prestigious LVMH prize in 2021.