remo x Opia

The collection

remo x Opia capsule collection is composed of a vest, a mini bag and a coat that feels like a blanket. They come in remo's two signature textiles: a soft organic quilted cotton and a delicate felted wool in soft marbled hues, all handcrafted in Switzerland, using Swiss wool. The soft and sharp color palette is inspired by minimalist painter Agnes Martin’s artworks.

A set of items easy-to-wear, easy-to-layer, to feel warm and cozy during winter’s coldest days. 




remo is a fashion design studio based in Switzerland and founded by Sophie Fellay. Sophie works on developing soft textiles and a creative practice caring for natural resources and living beings, aiming to reconnect fashion with nature. 


remo’s ready-to-wear and lifestyle limited collections are made entirely from natural fibers, handcrafted into unique textiles, made locally, in Switzerland. The small productions are beyond season, supported by nature's cycles and produced with care to offer its clients an artisanal, high end and sustainable product that feels soft and comfortable.