Marfa Stance - Reversible Clothing

This London-based label designs reversible, modular garments and offers year-around outerwear solutions. Georgia Dant is the founder of "Marfa Stance" and gained more than 15 years experience in the luxury industry before starting her very own label. Since then, it has been providing customers with the freedom to enhance Marfa Stance coats, jackets or quilts with diverse collars, hoods and linings - added in fall and detached when days getting warmer again. Hence, the company aims to offer more control regarding personal consumption of outerwear and simultaneously seeks to prevent overproduction inside the fashion industry.


Whether simply black or color-blocking combinations, all fabrics are collected from dead-stock, recycled or stock-services that are sourced in Japan or Italy. Up to 23 hours are needed to handcraft one of these lightweight and water-repellent clothing. And as they recently arrived in store at Opia you can now browse and order Marfa Stance timeless cuts which are made to be worn season by season.

See you soon online or in store!