Lemaire - Practical Elegance

Lemaire’s Spring-Summer 2023 collection was presented in a spacious hallway, intended to be “a train station hall, or a movie set, it’s for the guests to decide”. The models stood, sat, and amiably milled about, eschewing the typical runway-style presentation of a seasonal collection. This Cinéma Vérité style extended to the clothes themselves. Simple, practical clothes that are no less elegant for it, all of Lemaire’s hallmarks are present in this collection. Loose cuts, beautifully draped fabrics, and pieces that can bring a Parisian cool to any wardrobe.

The relaxed and grounded atmosphere can be felt in pieces like their dry silk shirts and trousers, giving off an effortless grace while maintaining their workwear-esque practicality. Airy volumes paired with lightweight fabrics and soft colors creates a feeling of weightlessness across the collection, making it perfect for staying cool during the summer months.

Accessories have a cutesy levity to them, like the flask necklace, or the signature croissant bag, coming in a variety of colors and buttery-soft leathers. Overall, Lemaire’s Spring 2023 collection gives audiences a beautifully practical selection of clothes.


Available in store and online