Jan-Jan Van Essche Project#11 RITE

In the beginning of January this year we were invited to the beautiful Tuscan city of Florence. The institution of Pitti Uomo selects every season guest designers who’s visions are defining a pace and their creations bear a distinguished signature.

Last January it was one of Opia's long time favourite designers Jan-Jan Van Essche's turn.


Walking into the 13th century Basilica di Santa Maria Novella on a fresh January evening was an unforgettable start to a show who's setting could not have been more appropriate. The sacral building and Jan-Jan Van Essche's ever so present theme – wide minimal shapes with an effortless and genderless elegance – brought to life with people in motion. 




The show was divided into different parts, a runway and dance performance, both held inside Santa Maria Novella, a stills situation in the cloister of the monastery and a drum performance on the yards lawn. 





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