Anchor? Obstacle? Panini Press?

5KG is a case study envisioned by Swiss Designer Tobias Brunner. 5KG is a sculpture intended for individual interpretation of use. Made from a solid piece of stone, a single cut through the rock suggests that the mass can be portable and used as a multifunctional tool.

Since its launch at Design Miami in 2019, its open concept continues to evolve, inviting interpretation and imagination. 5KG invites the viewer to explore ideals of utility and value.

Tobias Brunner lives and works in Zurich. After studying at the ECAL in Lausanne and several years working and teaching in New York, Los Angeles and Hong Kong, he founded the Studio Bureau Brunner. Bureau Brunner has been developing limited editions under the Édition-B label since 2020.

Tobias Brunner, 2020
Solid marble, 39 x 17 x 39 cm