BIANCA SAUNDERS - a collection of key pieces

“I want the collection to be timeless - it could be now, it could be the past, it could be the future. It´s not just about one person - I want everyone to see a part of themselves in it.”

Before Bianca Saunders founded her menswear label in 2017, the fashion designer graduated from the Royal College of Art and Kingston University to further develop her skills in the field of fashion. Just a short time after launching the brand, Saunders has already won the prestigious ANDAM Award and is reimagining the evolution of menswear. Her collection is straightforward with a touch of 70s and reflects inspirations from her Jamaican and British background. 


From a wider distance Saunders clothing seem almost simple cutted, but with a closer look each piece reveals an unpredictable detail. "At the point where the shoulder blades sit, she begins cutting the sleeves much earlier than most designers do - the pieces then follow a more natural anatomy." Throughout the whole runway show, which was Saunder's first in Paris, the designer plays with the intersection of flat surfaces and 3D visual patterns. By further experimenting with cutting and wrapping techniques, she creates signature pieces designed to represent movement in clothing. 

Textures and visual elements smartly interact with each other: Warped check prints are placed on stretch tops, which are then contrasting with oversized demin trousers. 


Bianca Saunders side folded black trouser combined with the signature shoulder sweater, show once again how tangible the collection interlaces around the body. 

"A collection of key pieces."