Barbisio Headwear

Handcrafted in Biella, Italy

 In 1862 engaged master hatters teamed up to evolve a brand for headwear in Biella, Italy. The artisan way of hand-sculpting pieces with aluminium or wooden molds is from this time on not only known for outstanding italian traid but Barbisio's collections and hence its quality. 

At Barbisio deeply rooted tradition merges with contemporary design, that is inspired from art, architecture and antrophology. The label is conscious about creating for any gender, a wide range of occasions and age. Thus, form and function are, since the 19'th century in the center of every shape.

As we are heading towards winter and already catching the fall vibes in Switzerland, opia founder Claudia selected warming pieces from the current Fall Winter Collection 22/23 for you.

"Becky Giallo Siena" matches the current season and simultaniously adds a dash of color to subtle looks. This piece is reversable front to back with an oversized fit. Textures range from smooth to brushed fur, deriving from raw rabbit felt.

With its bold personality and soft touch this hat is made out of 100% brushed beaver felt - "Marcello Nero" - a timeless design. Barbisio kept the ritual gesture of lifting headwear with one hand in mind, when designing this model. Through a simplistic slit, the hat can easily be hold with grip on the front side. The inside is characterized by a sweatband made out of leather and contrasting colors transform a firstsight simple accessoire into a favorite wardrobe piece. 

Mini-hat "Emma" is available in colors like the bold Blue Santorini. Its lightweight is ideal to carry it around at any occasion. The look is refined by a brim, with proportions on point.


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