Tokyo based brand Auralee’s new SS22 Collection has arrived in store. 

As designer Ryota Iwai mentions “We wanted to contrast this season with a sophisticated and transparent collection that evokes the feeling of the outdoors and the natural: vibrant, energetic, fresh, yet serene.” The color palette used in this collection successfully transmits these feelings Iwai talks about, a mix of neutral tones with shades of orange, pink and green. 

Ryota’s collections starts with an extensive research of the best high-quality raw materials and yarns, sourced in Japan and all over the world. This is followed by the designs and development of original fabrics. Among the premium materials usually used by the brand such as wool, cotton, and silk, this season we are pleasantly surprised by a new addition to their fabric catalog: Washi.

Washi is a textile derived from paper. It is a lightweight and thin material, yet strong, absorbent and durable, also recognised to be sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to other natural and synthetic fibers. At Opia you can find the Washi Duck Pants and Light Weight Jacket, made out of this material.

Auralee’s collections provide real clothes for an elegant, effortless yet functional way of dressing. Discover the latest collection in store and online!