Tofu Jeans Earth

CHF 425

Tofu Jeans Denim with contrast stitching and no waistband by Seya.

  • Colour: earth
  • Material: 100% cotton, Made with Zimbabwe cotton. Zimbabwe cotton’s fibers are longer and more resistant than usual cotton fiber, which makes it perfect for denim : the fa- bric feels solid though breathable. In addition, the threads are gentle and look lustered. As it has a 13oz weight, this denim can be worn all year long. The more you wash this denim, the softer it will become. But it will not shrink as much as other denims, because the fabric is already well washed before sewing the product. Its color is made to fade slowly.
  • Recommended care: Hand wash 
  • Size & fit: Relaxed fit
  • Article: CF03038D04E

Made in Japan

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