Earl of East

Medium Atlas Cedar Candle

CHF 32

Earl of East medium Atlas Cedar Candle

Atlas Cedar is based on Marrakesh. But instead of focusing on the chaotic and bustling souks, which are filled with spices, this scent is inspired by the peaceful Berber villages and the amazing Atlas Mountains. This candle is a unique combination of cedarwood, olive leaf, and white musk, creating a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere in anyone’s home. With its earthy, calming, and warm profile, it's the perfect Zen candle, allowing you to take a moment and regain focus.

  • Size: 170 ml
  • Burn Time: Approx. 40 hours
  • Notes: Cedarwood, Olive Leaf, white Musk…
  • Details: Hand-poured in Hackney, London, non-GMO soy-wax

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