Cosmic Wonder

Organic Linen Shirt Dress Light Plum


A collection of European fine linen shirt dresses that look like sleepwear, and a collection of Japanese work wear in the form of comfortable tattuke.
High quality organic linen is grown on organic farms in Belgium.
The tattuke is a combination of organic linen and NOC (Japan Organic Cotton Distribution Organization) certified organic cotton jersey, which is very soft to the touch. It becomes more comfortable on the skin with wear and develops its own texture over time. Color is White. Sharinbai sumi dyed with precious soot from the ashes of burnt Sharinbai and Light plum dyed with Sharinbai.


Piece-dyed garments, which are dyed after sewing, have a washed
and natural bleached look. Mud-dyeing by Mud, Sumi-dyeing and plants-dyeing by Sharinbai made from nature dyes and dyed by hand.The expressive gradation of the hand-dyeing process is a characteristic of these garments.

  • Material: 100% organic cotton
  • Color: Light Plum
  • Article: 01R17001-LP
  • Care: Dry Care

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