Saint Charles

Saint Charles Room Spray Aplenzirbe

CHF 22

Be won over by the Raumspray Alpenzirbe from the Saint Charles Pharmacy and the natural, pleasant atmosphere it creates. The Arolla pine, also known as Queen of the Alps, brings the strength and resilience of the Alps home to you.

Garnered from all-natural Arolla pine essential oil in organic quality from the Tyrolean Alps, derived from steam distillation and high quality organic rye alcohol from (Demeter) certified organic sources.

Ingredients: Water, alcohol (Bio-Rye Demeter) *, pine plum oil (Pinus cembra) *. * from controlled organic cultivation

How to use: Spray 3-4 squirts into the room. Can also be used as a cushion or pillow spray. Just activate the pump action spray 2-3 times before using the pillow at night.

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