Len Sander «The Future of Lovers» Publication

Len Sander «The Future of Lovers» Publication


Len Sander — Publication + Digital Download | The Future Of Lovers

Entdecke die Welt von "The Future Of Lovers" der Zürcher Band Len Sander mit diesem gedruckten Booklet.

  • Details: A3-Format, beinhaltet unlimitiertes Streaming von "The Future Of Lovers" via Bandcamp sowie high-quality Download in MP3, Flac und mehr.


01 Moving Into Love, 4:39 02 I Give It Away, 4:02 03 Woman On The Run, 3:29 04 Dreams, Dreams, Dreams, 3:07 05 The Modern Cult Of Love, 4:44 06 House Of Drama, 3:27 07 The Life Of The Body, 1:36 08 My Heart Is A Cold Place To Live In, 4:58 09 A Life In Abundance, 1:17 10 Colonies, 4:36 11 Now That I Burn, 5:11

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