Opia Advent DAY 8 with Nina Yuun


Nina Yuun

Fashion Designer

Are you a Christmas lover?
I am recently more and more in love with Christmas, especially with endless feast of Swiss food! Looking forward for the 3rd Christmas in Switzerland.

Do you have any Holiday / Christmas traditions?
I used to rent stack of DVDs and watch it all day. (In Korea, Christmas is not necessarily celebrated for family gathering).  

What is your favourite food during the holidays?
SPITZBUEB with love from my mother-in-law! I can eat whole bucket of it without any guilt.

What is your most vivid childhood memory of Christmas?
Not something impressive from my childhood, but the one from last year- Christmas time in Evolène was unforgettable. Snowy little town, masquerade and fondue, I thought I was in a fairytale!

What is on your wish list this holiday season / Christmas?

What was your favourite Christmas present as a child?
There was onetime a party that my parents organized, it was a party with role-play, as a designer with my friends. I have made the first clothes out of a paper at this party.

Which gift did you want but never get?
I used to longing for a giant white grand-piano. 

If you have to choose the perfect gift for your best friend / loved one from your own collection, what would it be?
Hand-drawn leopard top, best piece for effortless dress-up. 


All Images: Courtesy of Nina Yuun, www.ninayuun.com