Opia Advent DAY 4 with Omar Hallawi


Omar Hallawi

Founder & CEO at Atelier Té, buyer at Opia

Are you a Christmas lover?
I come from a Druze family and grew up in Africa, so I never really experienced the northern snowy Christmas I always saw on TV. That being said I grew up in a Christian neighbourhood, my mum did not want to have me feel left out so she always managed to set up the most beautiful snowy Christmas tree in +30-degree weather :-D !

Do you have any Holiday / Christmas traditions?
Is opening presents a tradition? If so I welcome it religiously and all year round!

What is your favourite food during the holidays?
I’m not the biggest fan of sweets, I know sue me! December however changes that, and gingerbread is key: whether in the shape of a snowman, house or castle, I’ll gladly ingest it.

What is your most vivid childhood memory of Christmas?
I’ll always remember that first Christmas I spent in the French Alps and saw snow for the first time, fluffy pretty white snow...

What is on your wish list this holiday season / Christmas?
I would very much love escaping somewhere sunny and book a trip for next February. That being said, the ever classic Isaac Reina travel necessaire sold at OPIA would come in very handy - please forward this to my hubby!

What was your favourite Christmas present as a child?
My parents gave me once an old vintage monopoly set. The previous owner had sculpted the hotels and houses himself and had collected unique brass tokens. I cherished it and still have. 

Which gift did you want but never get?
Anything electronic, you would think my parents were Amish. 

If you have to choose the perfect gift for your best friend / loved one from your own collection, what would it be?
The «Milky Ring» from the second Atelier Té collection «Space Algae 2.0» is the perfect gift this holiday season: it works alone and is also a great layering ring, plus the size is flexible so you wont have to worry if it would fit or not!

I love to see my gifts being used, and this one is so versatile you’ll gift it and your friend or loved one will be wearing it at all times! If they don’t unfriend them and give me a call :-) !

All Images: Courtesy of Atelier Té