Opia Advent DAY 18 with Yvonne Reichmuth


Yvonne Reichmuth

Designer & owner of YVY

Are you a Christmas lover?
Yes, I’m a lover.

Do you have any Holiday / Christmas traditions?
Drinking Glühwein and eating Christmas cookies.

What is your favourite food during the holidays?
Anything with cheese.

What is your most vivid childhood memory of Christmas?
Trying to prove that it’s the parents and not Santa who brings the gifts. I failed.

What is on your wish list this holiday season / Christmas?
A few days off, preferably in bed.

What was your favourite Christmas present as a child?
A mannequin and a sewing machine.

Which gift did you want but never get?
I have everything I need.

If you have to choose the perfect gift for your best friend / loved one from your own collection, what would it be?
The cigarette box on which I would emboss his/her initials. For the healthier friends, our rooms fragrance ATELIER N°83 is the perfect gift.


All Images: Courtesy of Yvonne Reichmuth, www.yvy.ch