Opia Advent DAY 13 with Katie Chung


Katie Chung

Creative Director at WOOYOUNGMI

Are you a Christmas lover?
Yes, I am.

Do you have any Holiday / Christmas traditions?
Have Christmas dinner with my family and relatives.

What is your most vivid childhood memory of Christmas?
Santa Claus sent from my nursery school came home with presents as a Christmas event when I was 6. I was doubt whether he was a real Santa or not and had to check if his mustache was real, so I kept staring at his face instead of being excited about the gifts.

What is on your wish list this holiday season / Christmas?
A valve amplifier.

What was your favourite Christmas present as a child?
Either Barbie dolls or princess-like dresses.

Which gift did you want but never get?
I wanted to get a limited edition Mimi doll (A Korean Barbie doll) when I was little, but my mum never bought me.

If you have to choose the perfect gift for your best friend / loved one from your own collection, what would it be?
Oversized yellow checked shirt from WOOYOUNGMI 18FW collection.

Wooyoungmi_Checked shirt.jpg

All Images: Courtesy of Wooyoungmi, www.wooyoungmi.com