Perfumum Love

CHF 38

LUNEAR Perfumum Love

Sensual and stimulating incense mixture

This incense mixture creates a fragrant setting for sensual moments. It stimulates the entire body through the nose and prepares you to let go from head to toe. At the same time, smoking the mixture supports grounding, so that you can consciously enjoy sensual moments.

LUNEAR Perfumum Love ensures hours of pleasure thanks to the following ingredients: Benzoin Siam, which stimulates the imagination and intuition. The resin also has aphrodisiac power, which unfolds through the sweet scent when smoking. Benzoin Sumatra, also known as aphrodisiac resin. Myrrh, which sharpens your sensual perception and at the same time grounds and decelerates. It is also called the "resin of the ancient goddesses". Black copal, which also has a grounding and liberating effect. Styrax resin soothes and lets you relax better. The natural resin also gives the smoke a seductive note. White sandalwood, the scent of which creates an atmosphere of security, tranquility, and trust. Clary sage, which promotes creativity and is conducive to sensuality.

All incense mixtures from LUNEAR are mindfully produced and packaged by hand using only the most valuable raw materials.

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