Perfumum Grounding

CHF 32

LUNEAR Perfumum Grounding

Soothing and grounding incense mixture

This incense mixture helps calm down and relax. It is an aid for sitting and meditating in silence. Burning the incense mixture also helps you consciously connect with the earth, this way you will be able to continue to grow in height with strengthened roots and face the everyday challenges with a firm footing.

The LUNEAR Perfumum Grounding Mixture unfolds its calming and grounding effect thanks to the following components: Black copal, which is used, for example, in Mexico as a traditional incense resin during rituals for cleaning and healing. Myrrh that grounds decelerates and calms the mind. Rose petals that encourage love and letting go of disused patterns. Red sandalwood has a clarifying effect, strengthens intuition, and stimulates visions. Chamomile, which provides warmth and security, helps to dissolve blockages and can open the solar plexus, a network of nerves in the middle of the abdomen. Juniper, which stands for protection, security, and stability. All incense mixtures from LUNEAR are mindfully hand-made using only the most valuable raw materials.

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