Oleum Massage Menstruation

CHF 38

LUNEAR Oleum Massage Menstruation

Antispasmodic and soothing oil

With Oleum Menstruation Massage you have a natural helper for menstrual problems such as pain and mood swings. A gentle massage with this fragrant oil can sometimes help your abdomen to relax and lighten a dull mind.


  • Angelica and mugwort, both of which have an antispasmodic and beneficial effect.
  • Juniper wood, which relieves muscle cramps and promotes a regular menstrual cycle.
  • Wood, which, according to recent studies, reduces stress and brightens the mood.
  • Rose, which stimulates the synthesis of hormones and is therefore particularly useful in the case of an irregular cycle.
  • Lavender and ylang-ylang, which are valued for their calming and balancing effects.
  • Blue chamomile, which naturally helps against PMS.


    • Amber glass with a pipette, 50ml

    For the oil blends from LUNEAR only the highest quality raw materials are used and filled in small quantities. The recipes have been created and tested according to naturopathic principles.

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