Saint Charles

Saint Charles Pure Essential Oils Altitude 2087m


Saint Charles Pure Essential Oils Altitude 2087m

Clear mountain air - paired with a mixture of needles, bark, resin.... and the feeling of being a part of nature, letting go and breathing deeply. For the sake of the body, the mind and the soul. right to the roots.

Altitude 2087m - Best of Alps - combines the strength and resilience of mountain pine, spruce, pine and Swiss stone pine - high up at the tree line in the Tyrolean mountains. Lovingly and above all regionally and sustainably composed by the Saint Charles Apothecary.

This unique fragrance composition stimulates the olfactory memory, has a clarifying, vitalizing effect and frees the respiratory tract in the process. It consists of 100% natural essential oils, without additives and can be used for fragrance lamps, sauna infusions or even in the context of aromatherapy.

Our essential oils are:

100% natural, without additives
exclusively in organic quality (kbA)
of high quality
ideal for aromatherapy applications
proven in our pharmacy

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