Isaac Reina — N°775 | MEDIUM COIN PURSE

Die mittelgrosse Coin Purse aus weichem Leder bietet Platz für zwei Karten bzw. Kleingeld. Das in Frankreich in Handarbeit hergestellte Portemonnaie wird mit Druckknopfverschluss geschlossen.

  • Material: Double tanned calf
  • Farbe: Beige / Black (beide nicht abgebildet, im Bild: Dark Natural)
  • Grösse: 10 x 6.5 cm
  • Details: 2 Innenfächer und Druckknopfverschluss
  • Produktionsland: Frankreich


Weitere Infos zum Produkt von Isaac Reina:

Double tanned calf is a smooth full grain aniline leather. It contains a special wax finish which nourishes the leather for its lifetime. Aniline leather is the most natural looking leather as it has not been protected by a surface coating of polymer and pigments. It gives your item a unique aspect and touch.

Stains, scratches and patina belong to the normal ageing process of your item. Differences in tone, shading, gradation and the possible alterations of the material are to be regarded as a sign of quality.

When your item is new or after storing it, the wax may release itself causing a slightly white shade. The released wax may contain some of the dye contained in the leather, this can possibly stain your light garments. Gently rub the surface with a dry soft cotton cloth to remove and re-insert the wax. Overtime, using a colorless special cream for leather can help clean and moisturize your item.

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