Desta — Meskel Scarf

  • Material: 100% Baumwolle aus Äthiopien
  • Farbe: Navy Blau / Türkis / Schwarz
  • Grösse: 200 x 75 cm
  • Details: Handwäsche oder Wollwaschgang bei 30 °C mit mildem Waschmittel. Aufhängen zum Trocknen. Nicht bleichen.
  • Produktionsland: Äthiopien


Weitere Infos zum Produkt von Desta:

Meskel is an elegant all year round scarf resulting of a skilful play with horizontal stripes of different proportions. We used thick white cotton threads to break the discreet combination of navy blue, black and a bright turquoise. Since vertical threads made of coloured cotton are breaking easier during the weaving process, the black cotton had to go through a special spinning which renders the texture of the scarf a bit rougher, but very pleasant to touch.

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