Isaac Reina A4 Folder in Black or Brown

Isaac Reina A4 Folder in Black or Brown


Isaac Reina — N°025R | A4 ELASTIC FOLDER

Der perfekte Begleiter fürs Office zum Organisieren von A4-Dokumenten. Die Dokumentenmappe in robustem Leder wurde in Frankreich in Handarbeit hergestellt.

  • Material: Vegetable tanned calf

  • Farbe: Black / Brown

  • Grösse: 32 x 24 cm

  • Details: A4-Dokumentenmappe mit elastischen Gummibändern

  • Produktionsland: Frankreich


Weitere Infos zum Produkt von Isaac Reina:

Vegetable tanned calf is a thicker and more rigid type of leather. Vegetable tanned calf is a full grain aniline leather that was tanned with vegetable extracts. Aniline leather is the most natural looking leather as it has not been protected by a surface coating of polymer and pigments. It gives your item a unique aspect and touch.

As it is a thicker and plain type of leather, stains, scratches and patina belong to the normal ageing process of your item. Differences in tone, shading, gradation, and the possible alterations of the material are to be regarded as a sign of quality.

The use of care products for this type of leather is not recommended during the first years. To clean your item, glycerine soap or water can be applied thanks to a soft cotton cloth; but make sure not to get the leather soaked, as vegetable tanned calf is not stable in water. The leather tends to discolor and become harder. If stained, applying any type of care product on a specific area might create a larger stain. Make sure to apply the chosen care product on the whole surface.

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